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Our Procedure

  1. Consultation and Surgery Plan

Pre-evaluation is done through the pictures patient provides.

In the beginning of face-to-face consultation expectation of the patient, desired outcome and realistic results is discussed. Detail medical history including underlying health conditions and medications is evaluated. Donor area will be analyzed with dermatoscope, and donor capacity will be calculated. Recipient area measurements and follicles per cm2 will be determined for exact number of follicles to be transplanted for individual needs of the patient. Hair caliber and estimated hair per follicle average will be noted for each patient for an adequate surgery plan. An example of ideal frontline for the patient to frame the forehead will be drawn and discussed with patient.

  1. Operation Phases

Blood tests and electrocardiography is obtained 1 day prior to surgery.

Patients’ donor region is shaved with electrical razor. Recipient site borders will be marked considering the future progression of hair loss. Frontline design discussed previously in the consultation will be outlined.

Local anesthesia

Ring type local anesthesia is applied in an almost pain free manner.


Hair follicles are extracted manually with small diameter punches. Donor management and homogenization is applied according to pre-operation plan. Extracted hair follicles are grouped according to hair per follicle numbers and stored in a special solution at 40C.


The recipient area, where hair loss has occurred, is prepared by creating small incisions. Original hair growth pattern, angles and direction of hairs are taken into consideration to achieve natural looking results.

Graft placement and implantation

Follicles are placed meticulously into incisions by using a special tool. Using this special tool offers protection against mechanical damage.