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Hair Transplantation with Syris

By observing the target recipient area and the existing hair follicles there, the combination of magnification and polarized light allows for a better view of the follicular grouping. LED cool lights in the V900L emit very little heat and allow less drying of the hair follicles. Cross polarization decreases the need for higher magnification while also reducing glare and strain on the eyes.

During the extraction of hair follicles from the safe donor area, extraction allows us to see the proximity of the follicles, how many hair strands they contain, and at what angle we need to approach the hair follicle, resulting in a safer and easier grafting.

Especially with the lateral slit application, as the channels are opened, it provides a deep field of view to the directions of the existing hair follicles, thus eliminating the possibility of damaging healthy hair. It creates the opportunity to make a more efficient, more frequent, and dense planting.