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Lateral Slit Technique

The Lateral Slit method, which was first applied in Canada in hair transplantation procedures and later applied in Turkey, can be defined as directing to opened channels. It is applied in hair transplantation centers by a qualified doctor to assist the hair transplantation process look more natural. It is possible to apply the lateral slit method with scalpels prepared according to the thickness of the grafts and prepared before each procedure.

Features of the Lateral Slit Technique

  • Cutting with more horizontal angles and much more intense compared to other methods
  • Individualized preparation for each patient, tailored to the person and the person’s own hair follicles
  • Achieving a natural appearance after hair transplantation thanks to the specially prepared thin scalpels
  • The scalpel prepared according to the thickness of the hair follicle does not create a deep incision.
  • One of the most significant steps of this technique is that the diameters of the opened channels coincide with the grafts.

Intensive Hair Transplantation with Lateral Slit Method

In hair transplantation, the technique known as intensive transplantation is used to place the maximum number of grafts per square centimeter. In locations where there is no hair loss yet the treatment will be performed, 140 to 220 hair follicles are applied. The Lateral Slit method, which includes single hairs, has the ability to contain 60 to 65 hair follicles in a single cut. With the Lateral Slit method, it is feasible to transplant a large number of hair follicles in a single session that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Channel Opening with Lateral Slit and Its Advantages

The general definition of hair transplantation is generally known as the procedure of adding new hair follicles by opening canals in the area where baldness occurs.

Although many different methods are used in hair transplantation procedures, one of the most preferred methods is Lateral Slit. This method is preferred because it allows a channel to be opened in the area to be transplanted with minor angles, resulting in a natural appearance. In addition to preparing and using sterile scalpel tips in appropriate sizes, sapphire tipped needles can also be preferred.

Who Can Apply Lateral Slit Hair Transplantation?

It can be applied to every healthy person eligible for hair transplantation, as well as in the extra cases listed below.

  • It can be applied to every healthy person eligible for hair transplantation, as well as in the extra cases listed below.
  • People who have had head surgery with excessive stretching of the scalp,
  • People with scars caused by burns,
  • Those who have genetic baldness problem,
  • People suffering from baldness after a past infection,
  • People who have undergone aesthetic procedures such as brain surgery or facelift surgery.